Is Managing Money Stressing You Out?

Our free video series will help you simplify your finances so you can stop worrying and build a better life.

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Solving Money Problems Can Feel Impossible.

Financial messes make life miserable and can keep you in debt for years. Are you experiencing any of these stress signals?

We know the stress of money problems, and we’re here to help.

Stress-Free Finance

Find Solutions to Your Money Problems With Our Video Series “Stress-Free Finance.”

Cut Through the Chaos

Learn how confusion is causing stress in your financial life.

Start Healthy Habits

Discover stress-free ways of managing money to meet your goals.

Build a Better Life

Employ our easy system for saving money and getting out of debt.

Brian Jewell

We’ve lived through money problems, and we know the stress they cause.

30 Days to Financial Freedom founder Brian Jewell knows what it feels like to be stressed out, in debt and short on cash. To solve his money problems, he spent years studying the Bible to find answers to life’s most common money problems. Now, he’s sharing the keys to solving those problems and eliminating worry in the free video series “Stress-Free Finance.”

How It Works

With Stress-Free Finance, you can find solutions to money problems in three easy steps.

Watch the Videos

Watch the Videos

Each short daily video features faith-based principles and practical advice.

Complete the Action Steps

One short exercise each day helps you find your financial footing and make smart decisions.

Experience Freedom

Watch Stress Disappear

Use your new tools to stop worrying and start pursuing a better future.

Financial Challenges Can Stress You to the Breaking Point.

If you’re in debt, short on cash and having trouble making ends meet, money problems are making your life harder. And if you’ve lived this way for a long time, you may not even realize how much your financial life is stressing you out. Opening the mail raises your blood pressure, and checking your bank balance ties your stomach up in knots. You’re not making any progress toward your financial goals. And if you keep going this way, you could be in debt forever. But there is hope: Our free video series “Stress-Free Finance” will help you turn the tide. You’ll learn simple, easy ways to manage your money so you can stop worrying and build a better future.

Imagine a Day When Money Problems Don’t Keep You Up at Night.

Our free video series will help you find clarity in your finances so you can stop worrying a and start living the life you were made for.

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Stress-Free Finance
Stress-Free Finance

Get the free videos series!

Stress-Free Finance

Get the free videos series!

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Introducing 30 Days to Financial Freedom

Tired of money problems?

We’ll help you stop worrying about money and start building a better future in just 10 minutes a day.

Introducing 30 Days to Financial Freedom

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