30 Day Freedom Group Bundle

$99.00 / User

Please select the number of users in your group. Bulk discounts are as follows:

  • 4-7 users: 10% off
  • 8-10 users: 20% off
  • 11 or more users: 25% off

Note: Married couples sharing the same username and login count as one user.

Bring 30 Days to Financial Freedom to your organization with Financial Freedom Groups! Buy as few or as many seats as you need — bulk discounts start with just four users. And if your group grows, you can add seats at any time at discounted rates.

30 Days to Financial Freedom helps people live the lives they were made for. In just 10 minutes a day, members learn how to build their budgets, start their savings, defeat their debt and fund their futures. And when you start a Financial Freedom Group, each member gets access to the Budget Genius. This powerful tool creates personalized spending plans and debt payoff strategies without users having to do any math. Your members simply answer one simple question a day, and the Budget Genius does the rest.

As a Financial Freedom Group leader, you can easily manage your group. Add and remove users or invite people to join from your Manage My Group page. Easy reports help you track how each member is progressing through the program, so you can support them with encouragement or insight during their personal journeys.

Want to supplement the daily video lessons with small group meetings? The Financial Freedom Group bundle includes discussion guides and other group leader resources to help you facilitate meaningful meetings that will accelerate your members’ journey to freedom. Four weekly meetings align with the 30-day program, so your group can finish within the space of a month — no need to sign up for a whole semester’s worth of classes or watch hour-long video lessons during each meeting.

You can start your friends, family, small group, company or church on the road to financial freedom with just a click. There are no materials to buy or books to order — purchase your Financial Freedom Group bundle today, and your group can begin living the lives they were made for.

Have a question or want more information about group memberships? Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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