Fighting About Money Can Make Marriage Miserable.

Financial arguments strain your relationship and can even lead to divorce. Do you recognize any of these warning signs in your relationship?

There is still hope for your marriage. We know your pain, and we’re here to help.

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Reclaim Your Relationship With Our Free Video Series “Money-Proof Your Marriage.”

Identify Toxic Patterns

Learn how unconscious habits are causing pain in your marriage.

Break the Conflict Cycle

Discover practical tools for building unity in your financial life.

Find Biblical Solutions

Employ faith-based principles for a healthy and prosperous marriage.

Brian & Laura Jewell

We’ve lived through financial conflict and learned how to come out stronger on the other side.

For more than a decade, Brian and Laura Jewell have been working to build a marriage that is strong, healthy and prosperous. Now, they’re sharing what they’ve learned about financial unity in their free video series “Money-Proof Your Marriage.”

How It Works

With Money Proof Your Marriage, you can eliminate financial conflict in three easy steps.

Watch the Videos

Short daily lessons feature faith-based principles and practical advice.

Complete the Action Steps

Simple daily exercises help you find common ground and build unity.

Watch Conflict Disappear

Use your new tools to stop worrying and start pursuing a better future.

Arguing About Money Can Wreck Your Marriage.

If you and your spouse aren’t on the same page in your financial life, you may not realize how much fighting about money is damaging your relationship. Trust is low, suspicion is high, arguments are frequent and you’re not making any progress toward your important life goals. Our free video series “Money-Proof Your Marriage” will help you turn the tide. You’ll learn how to stop fighting, build unity and work together with your spouse to achieve big things.

Imagine a Thriving Marriage With No Money Problems Tearing You Apart.

Our free video series will help you eliminate financial fights so you can enjoy the marriage you were made for.

Money-Proof Your Marriage
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