Find hope in financial crisis.

Our free course HOPE & FREEDOM will help you navigate challenging times with confidence and clarity.

Have you been laid off or lost your income?

Are you scared of what unemployment will mean for your family? Are you worried about how you’ll pay the bills? Are you overwhelmed and in need of some help? Most people who go through financial emergency have the same struggles. You’re not alone.

We’re here to help… free of charge.

Let's get through this together.

In our online program HOPE & FREEDOM, we walk alongside you through difficult financial times. With faith-based video lessons and easy, practical tools, we’ll help you find hope for today and freedom for tomorrow. There’s absolutely no cost.

Meet your guide

Brian Jewell is passionate about freedom. Since 2011, he has helped thousands of people discover financial freedom on his popular website God, Money & Me. He’s the creator of 30 Days to Financial Freedom, a new approach to learning that uses inspirational stories, practical advice and a foolproof budget system. And now, in HOPE & FREEDOM, he’s here to help you through your most difficult financial circumstances.

About 30 Days to Financial Freedom

Brian Jewell

Your roadmap through difficult times

This season may be difficult, but it won’t last forever. In HOPE & FREEDOM, we’ll help you see through the haze of stress and fear to find a clear way out of crisis and into the future of hope you were made for.

Find Your Focus

Don’t let fear force you into bad decisions. We’ll help you focus on priorities and principles to keep you and your family safe.

Build Your Budget

In financial emergencies, it’s more important than ever to make smart decisions with your money. We’ll help you build a budget with free, easy tools.

Plot Your Path

It’s easy to feel stuck when disaster strikes, but we’ll help you see the path forward and start taking steps toward a brighter future.

See how it works

Meet Brian and learn more about HOPE & FREEDOM.

Hope for today and freedom for tomorrow.

HOPE & FREEDOM is our gift to help you navigate this difficult and frightening time. The program is free, now and always. You can start instantly — there are no materials to order or classes to attend. In about five minutes a day, you can find hope for today’s problems and a path toward a future of freedom.

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Introducing 30 Days to Financial Freedom

Tired of money problems?

We’ll help you stop worrying about money and start building a better future in just 10 minutes a day.

Introducing 30 Days to Financial Freedom

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