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Want to know more about 30 Days to Financial Freedom for groups?

Here are answers to all our most common questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us.

30 Days to Financial Freedom groups give organizations a way to help their members eliminate financial stress and build a prosperous future. Each group is managed by a group leader, who can add or invite members directly. Members can also join through a custom registration link provided to the organization. Once members join, they get immediate access to the 30 Days to Financial Freedom program online. Group leaders get free course access, as well as a suite of management tools and a discussion guide. Group leaders can choose to supplement the online program with in-person or virtual meetings.

Other personal finance classes take months of weekly meetings and strain students’ attention spans. 30 Days to Financial Freedom gives participants immediate help in their financial lives through easily digestible lessons that take about 10 minutes a day. The program is faith-focused and uplifting, so members never feel talked down to or beat up on.

Most other programs require students to do a lot of work to create family budgets. Only 30 Days to Financial Freedom features the Budget Genius, a powerful tool that automatically creates personalized budgets for students based on their answers to one simple question each day.

Best of all, 30 Days to Financial Freedom is very affordable. You can buy a package for a small group or purchase a subscription for your entire organization. We can even set up a group that individuals pay to join, so there’s no cost to your company. See our Group Pricing page for more details.

No. 30 Days to Financial Freedom groups don’t have to meet at all — you can simply use a group as a way to offer the 30 Days to Financial Freedom online course to members of your organization. However, we find that many people benefit from the support, accountability and community that comes from meeting together during their journeys to financial freedom. To help with that, we provide a suggested meeting schedule and a comprehensive Group Leader Guide to make it easy to lead meaningful group meetings.

After you create your group, we’ll send a unique registration link that you can distribute to your members for them to sign up for the group. Depending on the plan you chose, you can also manually add members yourself or send them invitations through the Group Leader Tools dashboard.

We offer a number of pricing plans to meet your organization’s budget. You can purchase memberships for as little as $49/user. Or choose an Unlimited Subscription to bring 30 Days to Financial Freedom to your entire organization for as little as $83/month. For more information, see our Group Pricing page.

Married couples sharing a program login and password count as one user. Couples would only count as two users if they chose to create individual site logins.

If you choose an Organization Pays plan, you can collect a fee from your members to help offset the cost of your organization’s investment. The amount you charge your group members is up to your discretion. This transaction takes place directly between you and your members.

Group leaders get free access to the 30 Days to Financial Freedom course, complete with the course workbook and Budget Genius tool. In addition, the Group Leader Tools area gives leaders the ability to manage group membership, add or delete members, track member progress and communicate with the group. We also provide a Group Leader Guide with discussion questions and other resources for leading meaningful group conversations.

30 Days to Financial Freedom groups are open to organizations of any type, including churches, nonprofits, schools, businesses and other community organizations. You can even start a group for friends to go through the program together.

Setting up a group is easy. Go to this page to select your plan, then fill out the registration form. Our team will build your group account within about 24 hours of receiving your information.

No. Groups can go on as long as you’d like — they don’t have to end after 30 days — and members can review and repeat the course information as often as they’d like. (If your organization chooses an Unlimited Subscription plan and then cancels the subscription, your members will lose access to the program once the subscription is closed.)


Yes, you can lead as many groups as you’d like. If you need help configuring multiple groups, contact our team at

Our support team is happy to help you add group leaders, change contact information, modify your membership plan, reset passwords or anything else you need. Reach out to us at and we’ll help right away.

Worrying about money makes life miserable.

30 Days to Financial Freedom gives your group members biblical insights and practical solutions to take control of their money and start living in freedom.

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Introducing 30 Days to Financial Freedom

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